Sakarya and its environs, which are one of the most important settlement areas from ancient times, had great preliminaries since it was on the important roads, agricultural areas, dense forests and located on the hinterlands of İznik, Izmit, Bursa and Istanbul in the Byzantine as well as Ottoman periods. Due to these characteristics, the region, which has a large population movement in the historical process during the Ottoman periods, has received a very different demographic structure due to this immigration and its ethnic structure and social texture. This structure also laid the foundation for the emergence of different arts, culture and folklore values. Despite all these features, however, historical, religious, literary, political, economical and social aspects of this city have not yet been adequately explored. This means that the richness of the subject matter needs to be reserach in a holistic manner.


With this aim Sakarya, by the support of Metropolitan Municipality of Sakarya and Sakarya University as well as the academic contributions of the Center for Ottoman Studies (OSAMER), "International Symposium on Sakarya from Past to Present (History-Culture-Society)" has been organized. The proceedings will be presented in the Symposium will contribute to a better understanding regarding the area.



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